Sunday, November 29, 2009

Masquerade Mondayy

Secrets,, everyone has them, not always their own, and they can ruin everything,,

And at the moment i have a big secret, not one of those little immature ones, but a proper one, sure you think im bragging but you have no idea. And dont even ask what it is coz ill just make up something,,,

Let me give you a hint,, this secret could ruin almost everything me and my bestfriends have,, alot of friendships and all of peoples trust....  

its soo wierd having this sort of thing,, maybe even a power as such to ruin everything in like a blink of an eye....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Naming the dayyyss

Good Morning!! I am bored and am going to start a new blogging habit...

each day is like gonna be called something so it will be easier for me to write about...

here goes:

Masquerade Monday
Timeturner Tuesday
Watcha Doing Wednesday
Thundersruck Thursday
Forever Friday

 Sexy Saturday
Sleep ins on Sunday

So this could turn out well or could be disasterous,, i guess we will have to see......

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ted's Dapto Chair

Right, i see my problem, i need more pictures on my blog coz at the moment it looks all boring and pooey.

These are my favourite pics at the moment,,

So in class there was a huge joke about page 9, but it was a 'you had to be there' thing.
And then there was Ted's Dapto chair and Fatcrap's way of reading a book.
We are reaaalllllyyyy wierd if you havent already noticed.

So hope you had a nice day,, well i did except for the fact i have no earphones and need some coz matt stole mine,, well yer anyways...


Sunday, November 22, 2009

New blogging habits.

Heyy,, i dont know how long its been since i last posted but all i can say is im sick of the drama so i will be bloging about random sweet things in life that dont really matter but make everything happier.

ive read my 2 fave blogs so many times

and they inspire me so much,, i would really like to know where they get their beautiful amazing photos from.

anyways, i have decided to make some of my own....
here goes nothing....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally the truth...

Ohk its taken me a while to get all this right,, because i dont want to blame anything thing on innocent people that didnt do anything,, like Sam lol. jks jks.

Ohk so we will start from Friday night. Well we all went skating, me E, L, Dm, Jw, Jh, Dv, but not Z and C and Dl.
So we were there and it started as i couldnt skate and kept falling on my butt so Dv kinda helped me and taught me how to skate. And that was all fun and all,, then Dm decided to talk to me so we were hanging out and skating around. He went to hug me but his friend pulled him away. So we just kept talking. Anyway NOTHING happened between him and me that night. 

But "someone" rang Z and told him that me and Dm were up in a dark corner together but you couldnt see the distance between us. So Z rang me on fatcraps phone and had like a screaming things at me,, AND I DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING!!

I asked E, my best friend, who had called Z and she said she didnt know anything about it. The thing is that when i told Jh what had happened, he went to L and asked her if she did it and if she had credit, but she said she didnt.

She is such a liar, the thing is Jh left and then texted L and she replied to him, even after saying she had no credit. And then i was texting Z that night on my mums phone and he told me that L and E had called him.
But im like so mad coz E whos like my best friend said she knew nothing about it at all.
So yer thats wat happened. Seriously im like so mad,, L has no right to come barging into my relationship with Z and make up crap thats not true.

I have one thing to say to her and its get a life, your own life and just stay out of mine, i wouldnt do that to you but i tell you now if you ever thought there was a chance of us been friends before, there definetly isnt now.

So i have no idea what im going to do this Friday,, i mite go out,, idk yet.

ily all 
xoxox Courtney xoxox

Thursday, November 12, 2009


One day i wanna fly, 
Fly away to another world, 
where there is no drama and no confusion
on who i love.

I wanna be in love with the one person
and not have that feeling fade.
To be in love and never
be heartbroken again

Just me and you,
a dream come true...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Laguna Beach - remake...

OMG i am so mad right now, i know you probably dont care or want to know about me and my angryness but i have to get it out somehow.

Well were in that space class and im sitting here so mad, keeping my self away from L before i like attack her or something. ohk so it started about 5 months ago because there was a huge drama with L and Z going out and me liking Z and taking him off her (so maybe u think im a bitch, but u have to hear the whole story), anyway when me and Z started out, L hated me, besides we were like best friends before this. And then me and Z started going out and L was like getting in the way of everything. But now me and Z are like perfect and he kinda has nothing to do with L, but she is one of E's best friends and so am i which makes like EVERYTHING so dramatic and difficult.If you've ever seen Laguna Beach, thats kinda like the drama at school :P

So there was about a month or two that we went though where L and E were like hanging out HEAPS and almost kinda excluding me, but then L went and hung out with like other people leaving our group all together for a while. So me and E have been spending like 3 days together or watever and L thinks im taking E away from her, im not i mean WTF im sik of everyones crap, i have enough of my own without people that have nothing to do making more. 
well i must say i feel a bit better now. 

So watever happens happens. But i will not take crap thats exactly that, CRAP.

so ill be bak later, hopefully in a better mood. so im gonna go now. 

Monday, November 9, 2009

i keep thinking.

I keep thinking how much i love talking to you

How good you look when you smile
How much i love your laugh
I daydream about you on and off
Replaying pieces of our conversation
Laughing at the funny things
That you said or did.

Ive memorised your face
And the way you look at me
I catch myself smiling again at what i imagine
I wonder what will happen the next time
We are together, and even 
Though neither of us know what the future hols
I know one thing for sure
You're the best thing that has happened to me 
And I LOVE YOU!! :)    <3

pooey mood.

Good morning!!
ohk so if you dont' know,, i am grounded, well not grounded as such but i cant use msn/myspace/home phone and i have my mobile taken off me :( but i am at least allowed to go rollerskating on friday.. yay lol. 

Anyway now im sitting in class while they are talking about space,, and M is like dancing,,, *normal??* and now he wants to go home and watch Star Wars


E is home!! yay omg i missed her so much, but as someone said,, there was no drama or issues when she was gone, which was true but oh well,, shes always there to wipe away peoples tears, which is more than i can say for other people.

anyway im kinda in a pooey mood and tired and hungry,, so im going to go before i start bitching even more.


be bak laters when im feeling better.
xoxox Courtneyy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rules of Love ❤

Kiss on the lips : i love you :)
Kiss on the cheek : friendship
Kiss on the ear : you are special
Kiss on the nose : laughter
Kiss on the forhead : i comfort you
Kiss on the neck : i want you
kiss on ther shoulder : you are wonderful
Kiss anywhere else : be careful

Play around with hair : i cant live without you
Holding Hands : Happiness
Arms around waist : you are mine, i need you.
A hug : i care
Nibble on the ear : start warming up.
Smiling at each other : i like you
Lifting eyebrows/wink : flirtation
Looking around : hiding true feelings.
Tender kiss on the side of your lips : you're mine
Wetting your lips : waiting for a kiss
Teardrop : im losing you
Crying : i lost you :(


Well how are you today, ill tell you how i am, im bored, yes, BORED. my best friend E is still on holidays and i miss her so much. its really wierd here without her, just something will go wrong with one of my other friends or Z and me(whic it did) and i would always go straight to her coz she made me feel way better, but nooo shes no here so i went to M. he is such a great friend.

well we were out at lunch today and Jw was hanging around me alot, but he always does and Z thought he liked me so Z had a go at him and i was like dont be so mean and then he got cranky at me. I cried and he was like tell me wats wrong. i told him to go away but he wouldnt which made me cry more, and then i finally told him wat was wrong and he was like, ' well that wasnt that hard was it' so i was like fine then,, and i walked away.  Now were like one class away from each other and he is like being sad and pooey,, and it makes me sader and pooeyer. But he has a way of making me feel sader wen he doesn something wrong or i tell him to leave me alone. I HATE IT.

anyways he like apologised with this piece of paper that he wrote 'sorry' on and im like ohk,, but seriously i wish he would really like prove he was sorry. arrrgghhh. well now im bored again and im going to go coz i like better do my work before i get in trouble.

dont worry though.
I will be back :P

ilee always

Friday, November 6, 2009

You Know You're In Love When...

From personal experience of being in love (which i am now) i came up with
a list of things that i have noticed i do more than ever, now that i am in
love. So i think they may be signs of being in love. Anyway here goes;

You have all his 'i love you' emails and texts saved in a folder,
so you can read them, like, everyday.

You really can't imagine what life would be without him.

You feel so comfy being yourself around him.

You daydream about him and just random things like holding his hand.

You can stare at a pic of him for hours, without noticing any flaws.

When you kiss, your knees go weak(even if you've kissed him a
million times before)

You want to spend all your free time with him - you never get sick
of hanging out.

You go out of your way to make him super happy :)

You think he is the cutest looking boy you've ever seen.

Just thinking about him brings a big smile to your face :D

Your constantly drawing love hearts with both your initials inside
them, all over your schoolbooks and random bits of paper.

You don't mind doing stupid boy things as long as you guys get to
hang out.

You make an effort to learn about the things he likes, even if its
cars or Smallville.

You think sending him stupid soppy text messages is perfectly normal.

You saw him less than an hour ago, and youre alredy missing him
like crazy.

You start wearing his clothes in public.

You dress in matching colours without realising (OMG SO TRUE)

You have a freakish ability to finish off each others sentences.

Holding hands is a must whenever you are together.

So there you go, all of these are true to me,, now see how many are true
to you...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My rainy morning

I used to always hate rainy weather,, actually i hated it until about 1 hour ago,, sudennly now i love rain and wet weather, but not as much as hot. This is because my amazing boyfriend re enacted the notebook kissing scene with me this morning and suceeded !!! :D i am soo happy,, he is just the sweetest guy, and not to mention looks soo good after being rained on. well i just thought i really had to share that with you because it made my day :)

On the other had my bestfriend E is going away for 5 days to Nelson's Bay (lucky poobum)not only would i love to be doing that but i dont know how i will survive without her, honestly, she is the crziest funnest person in the whole wide world,,(well my whole wide world anyways) so it will be really quiet and kinda boring without her,, I will miss you so much E.

be back soon ILY Courtneyy xoxo

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