Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My rainy morning

I used to always hate rainy weather,, actually i hated it until about 1 hour ago,, sudennly now i love rain and wet weather, but not as much as hot. This is because my amazing boyfriend re enacted the notebook kissing scene with me this morning and suceeded !!! :D i am soo happy,, he is just the sweetest guy, and not to mention looks soo good after being rained on. well i just thought i really had to share that with you because it made my day :)

On the other had my bestfriend E is going away for 5 days to Nelson's Bay (lucky poobum)not only would i love to be doing that but i dont know how i will survive without her, honestly, she is the crziest funnest person in the whole wide world,,(well my whole wide world anyways) so it will be really quiet and kinda boring without her,, I will miss you so much E.

be back soon ILY Courtneyy xoxo

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