Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Laguna Beach - remake...

OMG i am so mad right now, i know you probably dont care or want to know about me and my angryness but i have to get it out somehow.

Well were in that space class and im sitting here so mad, keeping my self away from L before i like attack her or something. ohk so it started about 5 months ago because there was a huge drama with L and Z going out and me liking Z and taking him off her (so maybe u think im a bitch, but u have to hear the whole story), anyway when me and Z started out, L hated me, besides we were like best friends before this. And then me and Z started going out and L was like getting in the way of everything. But now me and Z are like perfect and he kinda has nothing to do with L, but she is one of E's best friends and so am i which makes like EVERYTHING so dramatic and difficult.If you've ever seen Laguna Beach, thats kinda like the drama at school :P

So there was about a month or two that we went though where L and E were like hanging out HEAPS and almost kinda excluding me, but then L went and hung out with like other people leaving our group all together for a while. So me and E have been spending like 3 days together or watever and L thinks im taking E away from her, im not i mean WTF im sik of everyones crap, i have enough of my own without people that have nothing to do making more. 
well i must say i feel a bit better now. 

So watever happens happens. But i will not take crap thats exactly that, CRAP.

so ill be bak later, hopefully in a better mood. so im gonna go now. 


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