Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Even though were over and i cant tell you this. Im still in love with you.

how can you not feel anything anymore.

i miss you. i love you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


AWESOME WEBSITE!!! for creative chicks.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is really starting to drive me bonkers. I really want more followers. I follow heaps of people. But my stupid laptop doesnt let me post any comments *sad face*

Anyway im making a heaps awesome blanket at the moment based on the colour scheme of a licorice allsort.

Anyway i will post a pic of it when i am finished. it looks heaps awesome and its coming along very quickly.

Im off. ily no followers.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Its not like anyone follows me anyway so i guess my posting is forpersonal enjoyment only. Like seriously i know im boring but 2 followers?? that just insulting haha. You see heaps of people with like 200 followers and your like WOW how did that happen. and then theres me with like 2 followers.
Oh well ill get over it.
Im just wondering how to make my blog awesome so that i will get more followers. My fave blog ever on blogger is
CTRL+▲. Its sooo addictive.
I also loveeee Teagan on Toast.

I guess if i knew how to post comments that would help me out heaps ayy. anyway anyone that reads this and knows how to post comments i would love to hear from you.

Today ive been doing well nothing exciting i guess. Had photo dig this morning and we were doing family portraits. it was pretty funny. I kept turning my mum upside down haha. And then i had recess and ihad a mars bar in my bag that i forgot about and some choc brownies and an apple. so i was happy for a whole 10 mins. lol.
Then i had maths and i had a trig test (eww) it was pretty hard and the score was out of 14 so i probably got umm 2 right. (if that). Then i had lunch and now i am here. Bored. In the library. Free session. meant to be studying but really cant be bothered.

And its friday night and im a loner. I also got asked out by this guy to go to the movis with him but i have a boyfriend and weve been going out for like almost a year now and i dont wanna go!!!!!
So i have to tell him no....... mmmm yer thats hard for me. my mouth doesnt really agree with that word. I care to much about other peoples feelings me thinks.

Anyway my lack of followers are probably getting sick of me writing so much so ill put in some pics and then im off to look for some more awesome blogs :)

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