Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally the truth...

Ohk its taken me a while to get all this right,, because i dont want to blame anything thing on innocent people that didnt do anything,, like Sam lol. jks jks.

Ohk so we will start from Friday night. Well we all went skating, me E, L, Dm, Jw, Jh, Dv, but not Z and C and Dl.
So we were there and it started as i couldnt skate and kept falling on my butt so Dv kinda helped me and taught me how to skate. And that was all fun and all,, then Dm decided to talk to me so we were hanging out and skating around. He went to hug me but his friend pulled him away. So we just kept talking. Anyway NOTHING happened between him and me that night. 

But "someone" rang Z and told him that me and Dm were up in a dark corner together but you couldnt see the distance between us. So Z rang me on fatcraps phone and had like a screaming things at me,, AND I DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING!!

I asked E, my best friend, who had called Z and she said she didnt know anything about it. The thing is that when i told Jh what had happened, he went to L and asked her if she did it and if she had credit, but she said she didnt.

She is such a liar, the thing is Jh left and then texted L and she replied to him, even after saying she had no credit. And then i was texting Z that night on my mums phone and he told me that L and E had called him.
But im like so mad coz E whos like my best friend said she knew nothing about it at all.
So yer thats wat happened. Seriously im like so mad,, L has no right to come barging into my relationship with Z and make up crap thats not true.

I have one thing to say to her and its get a life, your own life and just stay out of mine, i wouldnt do that to you but i tell you now if you ever thought there was a chance of us been friends before, there definetly isnt now.

So i have no idea what im going to do this Friday,, i mite go out,, idk yet.

ily all 
xoxox Courtney xoxox


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