Friday, November 6, 2009

You Know You're In Love When...

From personal experience of being in love (which i am now) i came up with
a list of things that i have noticed i do more than ever, now that i am in
love. So i think they may be signs of being in love. Anyway here goes;

You have all his 'i love you' emails and texts saved in a folder,
so you can read them, like, everyday.

You really can't imagine what life would be without him.

You feel so comfy being yourself around him.

You daydream about him and just random things like holding his hand.

You can stare at a pic of him for hours, without noticing any flaws.

When you kiss, your knees go weak(even if you've kissed him a
million times before)

You want to spend all your free time with him - you never get sick
of hanging out.

You go out of your way to make him super happy :)

You think he is the cutest looking boy you've ever seen.

Just thinking about him brings a big smile to your face :D

Your constantly drawing love hearts with both your initials inside
them, all over your schoolbooks and random bits of paper.

You don't mind doing stupid boy things as long as you guys get to
hang out.

You make an effort to learn about the things he likes, even if its
cars or Smallville.

You think sending him stupid soppy text messages is perfectly normal.

You saw him less than an hour ago, and youre alredy missing him
like crazy.

You start wearing his clothes in public.

You dress in matching colours without realising (OMG SO TRUE)

You have a freakish ability to finish off each others sentences.

Holding hands is a must whenever you are together.

So there you go, all of these are true to me,, now see how many are true
to you...


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