Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rules of Love ❤

Kiss on the lips : i love you :)
Kiss on the cheek : friendship
Kiss on the ear : you are special
Kiss on the nose : laughter
Kiss on the forhead : i comfort you
Kiss on the neck : i want you
kiss on ther shoulder : you are wonderful
Kiss anywhere else : be careful

Play around with hair : i cant live without you
Holding Hands : Happiness
Arms around waist : you are mine, i need you.
A hug : i care
Nibble on the ear : start warming up.
Smiling at each other : i like you
Lifting eyebrows/wink : flirtation
Looking around : hiding true feelings.
Tender kiss on the side of your lips : you're mine
Wetting your lips : waiting for a kiss
Teardrop : im losing you
Crying : i lost you :(


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