Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well how are you today, ill tell you how i am, im bored, yes, BORED. my best friend E is still on holidays and i miss her so much. its really wierd here without her, just something will go wrong with one of my other friends or Z and me(whic it did) and i would always go straight to her coz she made me feel way better, but nooo shes no here so i went to M. he is such a great friend.

well we were out at lunch today and Jw was hanging around me alot, but he always does and Z thought he liked me so Z had a go at him and i was like dont be so mean and then he got cranky at me. I cried and he was like tell me wats wrong. i told him to go away but he wouldnt which made me cry more, and then i finally told him wat was wrong and he was like, ' well that wasnt that hard was it' so i was like fine then,, and i walked away.  Now were like one class away from each other and he is like being sad and pooey,, and it makes me sader and pooeyer. But he has a way of making me feel sader wen he doesn something wrong or i tell him to leave me alone. I HATE IT.

anyways he like apologised with this piece of paper that he wrote 'sorry' on and im like ohk,, but seriously i wish he would really like prove he was sorry. arrrgghhh. well now im bored again and im going to go coz i like better do my work before i get in trouble.

dont worry though.
I will be back :P

ilee always


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