Tuesday, December 8, 2009

harry potter land.

I am very very bored and have nothing to do coz i finish school in 2 more days and like were going to finish anywork anyways,, so im here sitting in the library being very bored on my laptop thinking about something interesting to write. And as i said there is like nothing.. 

So ive just been reading teganontoasts blog and omg  omg its good to know that there are some other harry potter nerds out there too. lol i used to be soooooo obsessed with harry potter and when i tell my friends they are like ur a wierdo and im just like yer well,, get used to it and all.. so im a very very big harry potter fan still to this day, i mean for my bday this year (i turned 14) i made all my friends come with me to the new harry potter movie even though they like really really didnt want to see it... so yer lol.

Anyway back to the topic of why harry potter is so awesome here are my reasons:
  • its magic,, derrr that is just so awesome, i mean i would love to like wave a wand and get what i want lol.
  • Hogwarts, imagine what it would be like to live there i mean in the common rooms and always hanging out with your friends (even though you would miss your family) and then the rooms look so cool lol.
  • Homework,, ohk ohk yes this should be a bad thing but seriously if its all magic i reckon that the homework would actually be interesting dont u??
  • OMG Honey dukes and Hogsmede, wow what i would give to go to honeydukes.................. sorry just off in a fantasy.
  • Owls, i want one, seriouslly i would kill for an owl as a pet and to send messages to my friends,, so wow.
  • Broomsticks,, i mean the only time we get to fly is like on a plane,, sooo unmagical.
And then there would be the things id hate about the harry potter world:
  • no music, well i guess you wouldnt be able to know the difference if you were born in that world, but wouldnt you like know that something was missing from your life.
  • Curses, i think to start off with id always be scared that someone that hated me would like curse me behind my back.. eeeppp
  • Professer Snape, how did you guess lol, i mean hed be a cool teacher but if hes going to be like that all the time i think i would just drive you insane.
  • Voldemort,, im scared already just thinking about him. hes like the worst sort of killer there is, i mean hes a killer who has so much power he doesnt even have to touch someone to kill him,, and he killed like almost everyones parents or grandparents soo umm yerr. no.
Well thats all i really have to say,, but as you can see i really love harry potter lol. Check out these awesome fan artworks.


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