Thursday, December 3, 2009

Forever Fridayy

Am so bored right now!!!!,, im like supposed to be doing some resort eco package thingy for school  but like its friday arvo and i really cant be bothered. Anyways so im might be going out tonight (yaya) get away from everything and just have fun for a few hours,, orrrrrrrr i could end up going to bunnings if i stay home,, so i think ill go out :P

Well nothing much is really going on,, my life is actually starting to turn really boring,, and my best friend E has gone on holidays AGAIN for like 4 days and im stuck with the one girl i cannnot stand!!!!!!   Oh and i just finished reading PINK by Lili wilkinson, it was a really good book actually,, id give it about a 9/10. Its like a twisted (in a good way) love story..

Well im not sure what im doing this weekend, just chilling i guess...

1 week left of school!!!!!!!!!
i am soooo happy, cant wait to get out of here, but yes i will miss everyone (except for those i wont miss ) and i will realllyyyyyyy miss Z when he goes on holidays for like 2 weeks.. but i guess there is xmas presents to make up for that.. hehe.
I love him so much, he means everything to me,, anyways, getting on to something else, even thought there is liek nothing to talk about on a boring friday afternoon like this one..

anyways so i think im going to go an like talk to alexis or georgia,, soo byeee 



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