Sunday, May 9, 2010

random quiz

1. What is your current mood?
a lil too calm

2. Is your family multi-racial?

3. Is America truly “the land of the free?”

4. How much do you care about your appearance?
a fair amount but not too much.

5. Do you have a favorite period in history that you love to study?
kinda but not really

6. What are your favorite kinds of jokes?
awesome comebacks.

7. Do you make to-do lists?

8. If you’re quiet for an extended period of time, what does it most likely mean?
im super calm or im sad.

9. Could you date a smoker?
did. never again.

10. What’s your ideal job (not career, just something that pays the bills but is still enjoyable?
im not sure really.

11. Where is your favorite place to hang out besides your house?
used to be youth group but now im not really sure.

12. What is a song that truly changed your life?
you belong with me by taylor swift. i know its cheesy but just try it.

13. Do you remember the day you got your first MySpace?
nah i remember when i first got msn and had like 2 addies lol.

14. What is one food you despise?
zechini slice.

15. What are your opinions on open/multi-partner relationships?
i hate the multi partner thing. i mean seriously whats the point, if u like someone that should be enough you shouldnt need more than one gf/bf coz then u dont really love them.

16. Could you care for a terminally ill person?
depends who it was.

17. Do you drop your cell phone frequently?
i like never drop it. wats with people that always drop it. i just dont get that.

18. Name a TV show you could watch over and over on DVD.
how i met your mother.

19. What brand and flavor toothpaste do you use?
mint i will never use anything else. and always colgate

20. What are your favorite kinds of books to read?
teen romance novels. haha im a chessy one.


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